our approach.

When disputes arise between parties, often they can be resolved without the need to involve the courts. We are regularly asked to assist with providing advice about a party’s legal position, and the strength of any claim they may have (or defence to a claim being made against them). We also assist with developing and implementing a strategy to resolve disputes as early and efficiently as possible. From that point, we advocate on behalf of our clients, and are focused on one thing – acting in our clients’ best interests and obtaining the best possible result for them.

When resolution is not possible without the assistance of the courts, we can prepare claim (or defence) documents, and advise and advocate for clients through the court system. Litigation is the process of bringing a claim in court. If the dispute is not resolved during the litigation process, the end point is a trial where we argue on behalf of our clients, and a judgment is made. This is a specialist area of practice and requires expert knowledge.


What makes us different from other firms?

Because we focus on litigation we are able to provide expert knowledge in this specialist area. We work with other professional firms (including law firms) and provide this specialist service to many of their clients. Our approach means we can work with you on a specific matter when needed, and allows you to maintain your relationship with your usual law firm for all other legal issues.


What will it cost? 

Our philosophy is to provide excellent service at rates that are less than comparable legal service providers. We remain committed to this. The very nature of litigation means that some cases will last for a considerable length of time. We like to discuss likely fees and a timeline at our initial meeting. Please contact us to arrange a meeting. 

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